21st Century Apartheid

The Institutional Apartheid

21st Century Apartheid

Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to explore much of the Southern African Countries and Regions. It’s become increasingly hard not to miss the wall of outright racism one seems to instantly encounter after leaving cushy city life behind. Most South African’s are oblivious s to what really happened in the Apartheid years & more importantly what was left in its wake! This made evident by engagements with people who unequivocally believe that Apartheid was a good thing, convinced that coloured South Africa a making a big whoopla over nothing.

The Bad Black man

We could rant on for ages about some of the egregious acts of hate speech & racism that occurs in South Africa with the country handing out its first 2-year prison sentence to a woman for her racial outbursts. This is clearly a problem, but its not what I want to highlight in this article… There is another type of Racism that the world at large seems perfectly happy to ignore. It is this institutional racism that is the actual cancer that continues to eat at & oppress black communities the world over. One of the nails that shut the coffin for non-whites in South Africa in my opinion was the Group Areas Act briefly outlined in the District 6 and The Group Areas Act. A legislation that systematically forced people of color into areas with piss poor infrastructure with no access to basic human rights, areas that many of us still live in to this day. Black people got the short end of this straw being forced to move into places that didn’t even have housing let alone electricity, sewage, schooling or running water! These communities where breeding grounds for inferior complexes, crime & substance abuse which has assimilated into the very fabric of the colored people in these communities. Black people are now accepted to be prone to substance abuse & crime because they are black, and not because they were systematically oppressed by a perverted political regime a fact that we all seem happy to overlook.

Institutional Racism

The apartheid government were so successful in their mission that it is not only white south Africans that view black people in this way, but this inferior complex appears to have found its way into the hearts & minds of the very people it sort to oppress. Many non-whites hold sentiments that clearly demonstrate that as black people we associate our disposition to being black and not as the direct result of a corrupt system. Furthermore, wealth of all kinds is something that is accumulated over generations, a privilege that until a decade ago was categorically denied to people of color. We are basically born into a deficit of extreme poverty & a gross lack of access simply by virtue of being born colored. You need only take a stroll to your nearest building site, mall or filling station to see that almost all remedial labor is being performed by people of color as if it is a perfectly natural thing. Surely these people should just be able to work hard so they can be as wealthy as white people. Surely, they can just not do drugs; surely they can just not resort to a life of crime; Surely they can just not live in some run down dwelling place made of corrugated steel, boxes & ply wood. It is anything but simple when every influence, every role model from birth is steering you down a clearly defined self-destructive trajectory set out by an colonial government intent on your demise.

Black Pride

A poor & often miss understood consolation prize afforded to black people. Not to entirely discredit the movement but most completely missed the mark when talking about black pride. Black pride is so much more that parading the street in Zulu, Bantu, Khoi or Cape Minstrel attire… It’s so much more than the celebration of native languages & culture… Black pride should be just about that, restoring the pride and dignity that black people have purposely been stripped of. To be-able to walk down the street and not be viewed as vermin, miscreants, ignorant or filthy! Its having to not beg for handouts for the basic right to housing, employment, water, education and respect. This is the restitution that is needed in all regions where people of colour have been oppressed, it grieves me greatly to see that no single country has even made a dent in being able to restore what they’ve taken from colored human beings.

Get Over It Already

Not one White person alive today has ever owned a black slave. Not one black person alive today has ever been a White man’s slave. A common argument posed to black people after which they’re promptly urged to get over being fucked up the ass and to leave the past in the past. But it’s very clear to those of still here 20 years after Apartheid officially ended, the past is not in the past! It’s still very much part of our present lives, the conditions that colored people were forced into in 1950 are still very much alive today. I would go so far as to say that its worse, as the corruption & inequality is now self-perpetuating, as previously mentioned the Apartheid Regime did their job well. This is something no black or white person should be getting over any time soon. The problem of systemic inequality will not go away by ignoring it or “just moving on”.

Where To From Here

The perpetrators get away scot free, and the oppressed are ill equipped or just too busy trying to stay alive to realize that they deserve & are entitled to better. I would not presume to know what need’s to be done to solve this problem, it surely cannot be as simple as white people “giving back the land” or “paying special levies” as restitution. But certainly, much more needs to be done to rectify the deficits purposely engineered into all non-white communities. But we seem to be too busy scwobbling about who should not take responsibility for this cluster fuck, the clear aim of the popular quote: “No white person alive today owns a slave”. In the meanwhile the situation in townships continue to worsen with each parsing generation entrenching it’s self deeper and deeper into this perfectly orchestrated mess. It is my opinion that as a collective we should be having a far more open dialogue about this issue. Perhaps an awareness of the situation’s true nature is enough to prompt the response & action that non-whites need and emphatically deserve. Until then I suppose we can all continue to be as complacent in condemning 90% of colored people to live their lives as sub-human simply because We were born with dark skin. The sad truth remains that we have not and likely will not see Freedom In Our Time.

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