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Much has been commented on the capacity in which the atheist should be allowed to make use of Scientific theories & views. Science more often that not forms a great deal of any atheist’s views when it comes to refuting the existence of a God(s). It goes without saying that the two concepts are not mutually exclusive, but it can be hard to argue that they are no dependencies between the two as the one quite often leads to the other. What I would like to focus on is not the relationship, but the effect of the association of Science to Atheism and how this might affect specifically public opinion and the general acceptance of scientific views.

Science Stands Apart

Let’s get some things straight right off the bat, Science stands apart. It is not a belief system like religion, and unlike atheism it really doesn’t give a flying fuck about whether God exists. This is an incredibly important distinction to make as most people are under the impression that “Science” is currently waging a war on the religious agenda. This is simply not true, Science is simply a process to produce repeatable methods & demonstrable explanations for the natural world. It’s entirely coincidental that the very accurate deductions it makes are in complete contradiction to basically every religion out there. The unwillingness to accept the Scientific Theories tends to result in religious adherents taking a very combative view on the process of Science. I’ve seen time & time again the kneejerk reaction that people have towards reducing “natural wonder” to “rational arguments”. As if a better understanding of a thing somehow strips it of its essence & wonder, or “The Magic Of It All” as I like to call it. To these people, I respond:

Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?

Douglas Adams

An Appeal To Authority

No atheist that I know is qualified to make any kind of assertion about the true nature of reality. This does make atheist sound like they are having verbal diarrhoea, constantly regurgitating theories given to them by YouTube Debates, Google and their false Scientific Gods. I certainly have not observed the expansion of the universe through my little 8inch Dobsonian. By this reasoning claiming to accept The Big Bang might seem like a rather fallacious appeal to the Authority of Edwin Hubble. But science is not an Authority, it again is a process. It cannot even be personified as an authority because it is at its core a methodical consensus of evidence presented. The repeatable nature of its methods & the accuracy of the predictions we able to make from science certainly make it far more reliable than anything else out there. Something we should consider if we’re going to insist on labelling the acceptance of Scientific theory as a Fallacious clam or An Appeal To Authority.

Intellectual Arrogance

OK, so here’s why I think Atheism could possibly be bad for Science. We can already see the there is deeply rooted resistance to accepting Scientific views as it conflicts with the wide spread religious indoctrination. I don’t think that Atheism as a movement help’s the plight of Science in this regard. Especially when its Poster boys are Guys like Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye & Lawrence Krauss. LOL these dudes are awesome, they provide me with endless hours of humor, but they can be real ass-holes at the best of times. Calling someone a dumb fuck is not always the best way to convince them of your point of view. I really think that the fact that religion “feels” that it should be handle delicately is entirely unwarranted. After all it is responsible for some of the most heinous things that have occurred and continue to occur in our societies. I’ve repeatedly outlined that religion is entirely deserving of strong criticism. But if curbing our tendency to ridicule ridiculous ideas helps us get through to some of the thicker heads. Then maybe it’s worth toning down on the aggression in favour of helping society take the proverbial red pill of Science so they too may free their minds.

Big Babies

It’s worth noting that religious adherents are really a bunch of big babies, the fact that they view Atheism & Science as being combative or antagonistic is more of a perception issue than a reality. Religious thinking is resolute in its convictions and does not bend to reason.  Religion very  unambiguously branches Science and Atheism together a under the work of Satan. Doing this does not aid in the acceptance of Science by the masses. Furthermore, it is mandated of religious people to strongly & openly oppose any view that conflicts with their faith. The fervor with which they do this is indescribably bound to their sense of morality and integrity. For this reason, I maintain that Science would still be a hard pill for religious people to swallow even if Atheism did stand apart from it.

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