The Skeptic

Welcome to The Skeptic

The Skeptic serves as a thought experiment or a platform on which to promote critical and free thinking in South Africa. With a limited understanding of Science and Theology I attempt to put forward alternative ideas regarding the general premise of issues such as religion, politics and various social issues. The aim of which, is to appraise and hold these constructs accountable for damages they may cause.

Experience has taught me that no idea should go unchallenged, and that scrutiny of an idea almost always results in its betterment. Quite the opposite seems true when considering the establishments over the last few centuries. Here the direction seems to be geared towards the preservation of a status quo over the advancement of understanding. There appears to be a severe reluctance to start a dialogue contesting established institutions among the general populous that give them power, and who ultimately suffer the consequences of any negative affects they may have.

Thus the duty of the man who investigates the writings of scientists, if learning the truth is his goal, is to make himself an enemy of all that he reads, and, applying his mind to the core and margins of its content, attack it from every side. He should also suspect himself as he performs his critical examination of it, so that he may avoid falling into either prejudice or leniency.

– Alhazen 965 AD

As stated by Alhazen, I too am of the opinion that each of us should be willing to contest the premise of our own understanding as well as that of any idea or construct presented to us. To do so not only works towards the betterment of one’s self, but of humanity as a whole. Our future can only be realized through the collective effort of us all.