Your’s is not a religion of peace

No Matter What They Tell Us

It has always amazed me how people of a religious disposition assert with absolute certainty that theirs is a faith of peace, love, tolerance and forgiveness. Such a statement could only imply that the individual has clearly not put enough effort into studying the nature or history of their faith. It is no secret that throughout the history of humanity, and even in today’s life, religion continues to demonstrate an abhorrent lack of empathy and disregard for human life, wellbeing and rights.

Not My Religion

Many religions not limited to Christianity have admittedly toned down on their Gestapo tactics and, at face value appear to be rather benign. To cite religion as vulgar, violent and inhumane is often considered to be a gross generalization of religion(s); blaming the religious masses for the actions of a few. Indeed these days it appears to be only leftist Christian groups and radical Islamism at the front of what’s wrong with religion. The rest of religions participants really are average Joe tax paying citizens of the world, whose churches feed the homeless and run drug rehabilitation centers. This is where most find solace in their religion; in that it is not one of those religions or; that those practicing violence in the name of faith, do so in error.

Core Values

In most faiths, the premise of God is one which remains unchanged, a constant for all time and beyond. A God of the ages is the same today as he was 6000 years ago at the beginning of creation. If this is true; then the values held by such a god should be consistent with those held today. In-fact any change in those values might be considered a perversion of said God’s teachings. This is advocated in certain Islamic and Christian movements such as the resurgence of Sharia law and a legal system based on the 10 Commandments. When considering the history of these religions, one cannot help but feel that it is these groups that are actually true to the principles of faith, holding the core values it was founded on.

Yours is not a religion of peace

It is the purpose of the article to show the ugly side of religion that people are often too eager to shy away from. To show that religion in all its forms never was; and is still not about peace, love, tolerance and forgiveness. Any docile manifestation observed today is not a reflection of religious values, but that of the superior morality of modern human beings. It is only as a result of modern law, human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights and modern science that religion is not allowed to practice the abuses that it has so readily enforced in the past. And, if God needs humanity to make him a better God; then he is not God.

Rap Sheet

Here I’ve listed some known violations performed under religious teachings. Its most shocking to me that some of these occur in our modern and recent history.

Modern Times

2016 – Jordan; Nahed Hatter Shot 3 Times Ahead of his Blasphemy Trial For Sharing a Facebook Post
2015 – France; 12 people killed at Charlie Hebdo for publishing a depiction of the prophet Mohamed
2015 –South Africa; Priya Dala brutally assaulted for praising Salman Rushdie’s controversial work
2014 – South Africa; Islamic protesters stage a blockade to prevent entry to the newly opened Mosque allowing admission to Homosexuals and Women.
2012 – USA; Jessica Ahlquist a 16 year old girl received death threats for filing a suit to remove a prayer banner from her school
2010 – USA; Molly Norris sent into FBI custody after receiving threats for also Drawing the prophet Mohamad
2005 – Iran; Ayatollah Khomeini reaffirms Fatwa against Salman Rushdie for the publication of Satanic Verses
2016 – India; an estimated 47% of women are married before they reach 18

In The Past

1600s – Galileo place on trial by the Church for his theory of a heliocentric cosmos.
1600s – Massachusetts; 150 people killed under the suspicion of being Witches
1500s. – India, million estimated to be executed to appease a blood thirsty God
1100s – Spanish Inquisition sentence thousands of people to death
1000 – Claremont; Pope Urban II wages a holy war against the Sarasin occupied Jerusalem. Estimated 1.7 million

Religion is not bullet proof

These are but a fraction of some of the religiously motivated atrocities that have occurred over time. Most religious narratives take these values to the extreme with what can only be defined as barbaric behavior. Religion like many other establishments have always fallen somewhat short when it came to the consideration of human rights. However, secular establishments like politics, monetary systems and even military establishments would swiftly be faced with sharp protest by most evolved human beings; if they held the same values as religion. But, for some bazar reason we are not allowed to apply the same vigor in protesting the warped values of faith as we do with any other establishment that effects our daily lives. These are beyond contestation, and should be spoken of only in reverence despite their corrupt nature. Any inquisition into these values is consider blasphemous, immoral and socially unacceptable.

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