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do it your self religion

Do It Your Self Faith

It’s always interesting to observe how religion has evolved in modern history. Contrary to popular belief religion is not that unchanging institution that has stood the test of time, and its most recent evolution can shed some vivid light on its very origins. In this article I would like to present the idea that there is nothing beautiful, sacred or divine about modern religion. In fact it’s very easy to conceive of a religion, all it requires is a.) A general lack of understanding in describing otherwise reasonable phenomena; b.) A bit of wishful thinking; mix the two together and “bam!” just like that you have a new religion.

John Frum Cargo Cults

The John Frum Cargo Cults is a particularly interesting religion that evolved in Vanuatu Islands off the coast of Australia. The religion is speculated to have first arose around the 1930s, a mere 87 years ago. Pretty late in humanities existence to still be discovering Gods.
In a nut shell the Cargo Cults revolve around a seemingly endless colonialist supply chain to Vanuatu. Production and supply of goods on this scale and nature was completely inconceivable to the natives of the islands, as a result many of the spiritual leaders deduced that it must have been achieve by super natural means. A character named John Frum (possibly short for John From “Somewhere”) was then introduced in various forms as someone who would either returned to the island bringing wealth or cargo to the people of the island; or as someone who would expel the white men and missionaries leaving their wealth and cargo behind for the people of the island.
This is a prime example of how the Vanuatu’s existing values was applied to a phenomenon they could not understand to come up with a completely inaccurate approximation of reality, now recognized as a religion.

The Scientologist

Even more recent than Cargo Cults and consisting of more wishful thinking than lack of understanding is the all too famous Scientology movement. This 1954 Gem of a religion was the brain child of L. Ron Hubbard, a generally bad science fiction writer and deeply disturbed human being. There is a treasure trove of information on all scientology’s galactic origins, audits and body thetans.
Even the most liberal people will have a hard time keeping a straight face when trying to take scientology seriously, but it’s a complete home run in showing how easy a religion can be created and consumed by the masses. Even more shocking is that this religion didn’t evolve in some isolated island with no libraries and schools, this revolution took place in the heart of what was then still modern society.

The Rapture Doctrine

If you thinking that Christianity is exempt from mediocrity, then think again. The vast majority of Christians believe that one day their Lord and Saviour Jeezy Creezy will one day appear on the clouds on whip up all the souls of the righteous into the heavens where they will live happily ever after.
What most Christians don’t realize is that this doctrine was entirely fabricated in 1830’s by a man called John Nelson Darby. Biblical text show no mention of such events prior to Darby’s Secret Rapture. Today his doctrine is printed in almost all bibles and preached in most denominations.

Your Religion Is a Hack Job

No religion, ancient or modern is exempt from this origin. The reality is that they are all born of ignorance and wishful thinking, and are all fundamentally false. In a modern society, they really deserve nothing less than dismissal instead of the admiration we afford them today. Suffice to say that the creation of religion is not out of some deliberate conspiracy, in most cases it really is a genuine innocent lack of understanding. This makes it an entirely fascinating subject from a historical and academic stand point but ultimately warrants no serious consideration over and above that.

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