The Grim Future Of God


The Death Sentence

Yes, God might be very much alive but, The Grim Future Of God is quickly becoming a reality. I would like to imagine that we issued his death sentence for crimes against humanity, but it would appear that the mechanics of his demise are far simpler than that. Apparently, nature loves irony, as the devices that ultimately destroy faith are the exact same devices that resulted in its birth. If I were God, I would cash in my chips and make a run for it. There appears to be a new sheriff in town, who won’t stand for any non sense.

Natural Selection

It is interesting to note, that the human species and life its self gets overwhelmingly excited about efficiency. Methodologies and practices become almost instantly obsolete once we find a more effective means of dealing with a situation. Our history is ripe with these types of tales, aptly named revolutions. Most notable of which is the Agricultural revolution, which took place around 10,000 BC. This concept spread like a wild fire across its region, and almost instantly the nomadic life became a thing of the past giving rise to some of the greatest achievements of our species. In subsequent millennia, these revolutions moved into the very contentious area of thought.

The Revolution of the Mind

We are in the fortunate position to find ourselves at the core of the latest of these revolutions, the Scientific Revolution. We often look at our past with great bewilderment and admiration, and with the major advancement in science having only taken place in the last couple of centuries or even decades. It seems a profound honor to find ourselves in the midst of a phase shift of this magnitude that future generations might look upon with great excitement. As mentioned in other articles, religion was born out of a need to describe reality. It is abundantly apparent that humanity has found a far more effective tool for this job, as a result religion is rapidly becoming obsolete.  It is losing more and more of its grip on the mind, with each passing generation. A few centuries ago it would be unfathomable and intolerable for anyone to think such ideas let alone openly put them forward, and to do so would often be met with harsh punishment. We have seen an exponential evolution in thought, since the birth of the scientific revolution and the societal advancements it’s partially responsible for given us. It’s hard to see this slowing down with the immense freedom of information we now have, where even children now understand the nature of universe in ways reserved only for the academically elite of the past.

The Grim Future Of God

The undeniable truth is that Science is a far more superior tool than faith when it comes to describing reality. The laws of natural selection make it inevitable that God and his religion must unfortunately die. So what does this mean for the Baby Jesus and his band of intellectual misfits (the other God’s), will we ever have a world with no God? We have Known about agriculture for the better part of 12,000 years, and still there are substantial pockets of society that still adhere to nomadic life despite its widely accepted deficiency. So no, ultimately I don’t think we will ever have a world without God, nor should we. Religion in my opinion, is the first Major thought revolution and for this reason should never be forgotten, and its heritage should be preserved at the very least from an academic stand point. It will always be a part of our history where it rightly belongs. The future of its practice on the other hand seems uncertain; with its population dwindling in favor of more evolved constructs it seems destined to suffer the same fate as the nomads. God was born of reason, and it is reason that will ultimately destroy him.

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