Be advised, things are about to get freaky… I am about to discuss the events of the Bible as if it has serious merits, I might say that I’m doing this only to drive a far-reaching point home. But I’m afraid that it would taste a lie, the truth is that I find the narrative and certainly the modern persona of Jezebel to be incredibly fascinating. Even now I find it hard to think of a female form that has been more vilified across the ages than the character of Jezebel. She seems second only to Satan and has been made synonymous with every conceivable perversion known to men. Perhaps, like most douche bags I just find my self attracted to bad girls, but I cannot help but want to know who this Jezebel actually is!

What They Tell Us About Jezebel

The character Jezebel was a Queen of Isreal at a time where Hebrews seemed to practice polytheism. They worshipped a pantheon of 3 Gods Named El/Yahweh, Asherah, and Baal. She appears to be a highly influential character presiding over matters of state and conquest of land. She was brutally killed, thrown out of a window and left to be devoured by dogs as prophesied by Elijah. This grosum end came as punishment for her crimes which included nationalizing the worship of Asherah and Baal over Yahweh, and the persecution of Yahweh’s prophets. So pretty standard dictator type vibes I’m getting from this braud.

The Villain

As if a horrific death was not enough, mainstream religion had to take it one step further by immortalizing Jezebel as a total she-devil. In modern centuries she has become synonymous with being the ultimate deceiver of men, manipulative and promiscuous, unrestrained and materialistic. Jezzebel is portrayed as the complete anti-woman, what any self-respecting woman Christian or otherwise should strive not to be. Many women, even entire cultures of women have had this label bestowed on them when their actions are deemed to be a deviation of the expected norm. The semi-nudity of black women as observed by early settlers forever earned them the title of Jezebel. They have been openly portrayed as sexually promiscuous and unrestrained women in popular culture as recent as the 1930s. This has probably been one of Christianity’s most successful propaganda campaigns against the female character.


Jezebel in my mind depicts the character of any leader of a people in those times. That women be able to even achieve such things in a patriarchal society is entirely unthinkable. As fictional is it may be, the character of Jezebel at least to me seems something to be admired up there with the Cleopatras and Joan Of Archs. She certainly demonstrates astute political competencies, overseeing legal matters and even the conquest of land. Such leadership quality would be a credit to any form of governance, minus the weird religious trials and execution of priests ofcause (I say laughing out loud). I mean only to highlight that she acted no different to any other Monarch of the time, not even Rameses Of Egypt who enslaved all Hebrews was immortalized in vilany. Nor the king of Babylon who conquered the hewbrew nation and took them from their homeland, he was in many ways revered as a great king. Not even Herod or Pontius Pilot who are fabled to have cruisified the great messiah we’re so vilified as Jezebel. Yes, yes, yes there are okish potrails of women In Bible, but the harsh reality that we must all face that there is a strong undertone in all fiaths that women are lessor beings. Women accross religious narratives are often persecuted in the most sub human ways from as early as Greek mothologies with likes of Medusa who was punished for being violated by Posidon. These sentiments exist even today where walking trends of women in certain countries are shown to be far eratic than men as they try to avoid danger from men. The story of Jezzibel and the extent to which stereotype is still considered even in todays times is reflective of how unwilling our society is in accepting free thinking or otherwise expressive women. And not even that, arguably self destructive behaviors performed by men are routinely treated more harshly when similarly performed by women. In my opinion, we shoild just give old Jeza a break… In my mind she is a ruthless, tactical and charismatic leader, the ultimate lady bad-ass, definitely my kind of woman 😎

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