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Atheist Cape Town

Atheism is not terribly popular in Cape Town, you can still expect some shock and aww from people who discover that you don’t believe in any type of God. Many of us find the sum total of our peer and family groups to hold deeply religious values, which means that you either learn to shut-up when in their presence or be ready to accept the emotional beating coming your way should you decide to be your skeptical  self. Free Thinkers/Atheist Cape Town is social group operating out of the Cape Town CBD, that among  other things sets out deal with just that. It can be very refreshing to find your self surrounded by like minded folks who value rational thought above all else. In addition to their FaceBook page they also host frequent MeetUps open to the public where atheists can gather and exchange ideas on far reaching topic.

These meetups are not Bible bashing sessions, you can expect vibrant stimulating conversation and be prepared to have even your own atheistic views challenged by other atheists.

You can get hold of them through these mediums

  1.  Facebook Page
  2. MeetUp Groups

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